Valparaiso Baptist

Our mission

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Valparaiso Baptist supports you with time tested priciples that apply to a modern world.

Senior Pastor Bob Liedtke and Visitation Pastor Ken Gamblin

Sunday School 9:45 AM Worship Service 11:00 AM on Sunday, 
Phone 219-464-1443, Email

About us

Helping people find their way back to God

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Valparaiso Baptist Church partners with other churches through the Northwest Indiana Baptist Convention, Indiana Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention. We affirm the divine inspiration of Scripture and hold the Bible as inerrant and absolutely authoritative for faith, love and practice. 

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Love and the Cross meet to change History

The Valparaiso Baptist mission is to grow a family making a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ. Then digging into the Word and using our commitment to Jesus to thrive with love wherever He plants us.